Who's care?

Well no matter how great we are, there is always someone who is not satisfied with it and there is always someone pointing fingers at you. 

This is life. Come on. If other people keep telling you whatever yang kau tak suka but it's make yourself better so why not? See if it was reasonable for them to have done what they did. 

If they were right and you were insensitive, accept it and apologize. There’s nothing shameful in accepting a mistake. It won’t make you a smaller person. 

If things work out, you’ll end up feeling like a bigger person when things are sorted out. Kalaulah orang kutuk benda yang kau rasa tak perlu dikutuk pun, now you know there's nothing wrong with you but something wrong with them.

It’s not worth fighting with such people. It’s not easy to just let somebody put you down. Don’t take it if you think the person is not worth it.

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